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We are a newly established online broadcasting company based in the Derby City, better known as Louisville, Kentucky. Our ownership team is comprised of four individuals with close relationships... [Mobile]

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Live Wedding Caster is a branch of KYSCO Broadcasting, a company specializing in online streaming and on-demand content. KYSCO, up until this point, has primarily focused on live sports broadcasting, with popular sites such as livesportscaster.com and kentuckysports.co. Our team has over 12 years of experience in live streaming and videography, in addition to editing and design. As we've gotten older, we've experienced our friends, as well as ourselves, going through the process of getting married and became aware of the challenges that many couples face. That inspired us in 2014 to branch out and create the regions first live broadcasting company to service the wedding industry! 


Our goal is to provide soluitons to the problems that many engaged couples and their families face. No matter what your reasons are for using our service, we are passionate about bringing our clients excellent, honest service at an affordable price. We aim to provide memories in the form of video to those who will cherish them for a lifetime. From your athletic career/achievements to your wedding day, let us share these once-in-a-lifetime memories with those who matter most. 


While we do serve couples in our area, we are excited to begin offering Live Wedding Caster to chapels and venues in destination locations throughout the United States! We want as many people as possible to benefit from our service and also want to provide a unique offering to the chapels as well. Check out our Partners page for more details.






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